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The Art of Food, Chapter One

January 6, 2013

One of the things that I truly, madly believe in is that food is more than eating; hopefully regular readers of TFT would have picked up on this by now!  Hell, food is even more than that awful word ‘gastronomy’ which to me, implies waiters in tails and dishes with ‘a la’ in the name.  The best restaurants take food beyond taste, beyond even service and into the realms of emotion – and that, to me is art.

The bizarrely-named art compendium the Chita’s Clitoris demonstrates a few great examples of food as an art form, created by sculptors and artists who graciously ignored that traditional parental advice of not to play with one’s food.  Although these images could never convey the tasty tangibles of emotionally enjoying food (the Fat Duck being a perfect example) they are all visually striking and – to me at least – show off the power of food, drink, and everything in between.

Credits underneath images; images sourced via the Pinterest boards of Chita’s Clitoris (warning, the main site does contain some pretty racy stuff so I would probably stay from it at work, unless you like watching Jeremy Kyle all day on ITV2).

Mike Dalley, January 2013

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