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Five thousand

December 31, 2012


It kind of passed me by but this blog is over one year old now (the anniversary was on 11th December).  It now has over a hundred posts of varying quality, 417 followers (allegedly) and I still haven’t properly introduced it to work colleagues as I haven’t quite managed to kick the swears.

Nevertheless, thanks to all of you it now has over five thousand views, and I look forward to taking TFT into the New Year with new ideas, hopefully a little more direction (food, maybe?) and hopefully less cussing as I am sick of people in the office saying things like “I didn’t know you had a blog, what’s the address?” and me replying “I can’t remember

They have probably found me and are reading it anyway.  Or not.  Either way, this has not worked out well.

Happy 2013 everyone!  If you are wondering how these 5,000 people broke down, be prepared from some funky stats coming very soon, courtesy of

Thanks for stopping by the Funky Truth and keep reading.  If nothing else, it’s slightly better than 50 Shades surely?

Mike x

Mike Dalley, December 2012

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