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How to cook a f**king steak…

December 5, 2012

Mmn, steak

A delightful evening out recently involved three very important things; great company, wine and steak.

As soon as the first thing was introduced to copious amounts of the second, we got talking about what really, truly, makes a good steak.  I’ve already shared my views on this clearly essential skill, but in the right environment, discussing the fundamentals of bovine perfection becomes more philosophical than discussing the theory of metasystem transition and the metaphor of the social super-organism and its global brain (I really need a glass of wine right now).

Luckily, has simplified steak cookery to a wonderful, foul-mouthed* singularity.  Enjoy it here: my personal highlights include the dumbing-down of steak temperatures to two choices: “pink” or “cooked good” and the suggestion to “make some f**king potatoes, because that’s what you eat with a f**king steak”.  What potatoes?  Whatever you f**king want, I guess.

Mike Dalley, December 2012

*Probably not safe for work, but if you’ve got this far then you’re already screwed.

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